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Operator MEL and CDL

Aerodox was formed to assist Flight Operations and Maintenance organizations in developing the procedures required to operate the aircraft in the various nonstandard configurations allowed by the FAA MMEL and the Airplane Flight Manual (AFM) appendix Configuration Deviation List (CDL). Aerodox will combine the MMEL, airframe manufacture's Dispatch Deviation Guide procedures, AFM Limitations, various regulatory requirements and your company policies to develop an MEL, customized for your fleet configuration, that will provide the greatest dispatch flexibility possible. With flight safety our highest priority, our expert staff will develop an MEL that will be one of the most useful tools available to your front line operations personnel.


The FAA publishes an MMEL (Master Minimum Equipment List) for each airplane model that is written in a very brief outline format. Additional operator development is required before use, since the MMEL does not include the (M) and (O) procedures necessary to properly prepare and operate the airplane with systems and/or equipment inoperative. A Configuration Deviation List (CDL) is published as an Appendix to the FAA Approved AFM and includes secondary airframe and engine parts which may be missing for dispatch. Airframe manufacturers publish Dispatch Deviation Guides that contain recommended procedures that airlines may use as a basis for development of company MELs and CDLs. The FAA Inspector's Handbook (8430.6A) states that it is the operator's responsibility to develop a company MEL with procedures using the MMEL as a guide and to obtain approval of their company MEL from the assigned FAA Principal Operations Inspector to determine that: (a) adequate procedures have been developed and (b) the company MEL is not less restrictive than the Master MEL. Items for which the FAA feels special procedures are necessary are identified in the MMEL by an (M) and/or (O). (M) indicates that specific procedures must be accomplished to configure the airplane for flight with the inoperative item. These procedures may be accomplished by maintenance or other personnel as determined by the airline. (O) indicates normal flight crew procedures are modified or supplemented to account for the inoperative item. Further clarification of these and other terminology used by the FAA can be found in the FAA Definitions section of the MMEL. The FAA MMEL Preamble provides additional regulatory guidance for development and use of operator MELs.